Michigan Organic Wineries
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Michigan Organic Wineries

Michigan Organic Wineries

In an age where everyone is going green, one Michigan winery is going green too. Despite haveing wineries in nearly every corner of Michigan, there is only one organic winery here growing grapes without pesticides and chemicals and processing their wines without the use of sulfites, a common practice in traditional wine-making. Take the time to support Good Neighbor Organic Vinyard and Winery by taking a tour of their winery and buying bottles of their natural and delicious wines. Here is their contact information.


Good Neighbor Organic Vineyard & Winery

9825 Engles Road
Northport, MI 49670


Do you own or know of a Michigan organic winery not found on this page? Want us to list that winery here? Please contact us with the information so we can keep our list up to date for our visitors. Thank you!

For more information about Michigan Organic, Natural or Green Wineries contact the Travel Michigan at P.O. Box 30226, Lansing MI, 48909 Telephone: 800-644-2489.



Organic Wineries in MI

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