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North Carolina Wine Festivals

North Carolina Wine Festival Map

Want to get out and taste great wines in the great state of North Carolina? Then look for a a North Carolina Wine Festival! These wine events are a perfect way to fill a sunny Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Local North Carolina wineries set up booths and dispense their special wines for you to taste and buy. It's a great way to sample a wide variety of wines in one fun-filled place. North Carolina has several wonderful wine and food festivals scheduled every year for locals and visitors to enjoy. At most festivals you can expect to pay a nominal entrance fee that then allows you to sample all the wines offered at the event. Others sell tasting tickets that you can use at your tasting discretion. Located in and around cities like Winston-Salem, Boone, Raleigh and Elizabeth City, there are wine festivals that bring you the best samplings of NC wines. Many specialize in fine NC wines as well as national and international wines. At every booth you can expect to find helpful and friendly wine experts eager to answer your questions.

At festivals like Pinehurst Food and Wine Festival in September, Great Grapes! Wine, Arts, & Food Festival in Charlotte in October, or Blue Ridge Wine Festival in Blowing Rock in April , you may find wines from Cellar 4201, Lumina Winery, Vineyards On the Scuppernong, Benjamin Vineyards and Winery, and many others at North Carolina wine festivals. In addition to wine, these events can include excellent food to sample, prepared by local restaurants and chefs. And often you can expect music too. After all, nothing pairs better with wine than a little Jazz, or Blue Grass music. Local musicians are out playing their best music to accompany the wine tasting. Whether you're visiting Charlotte, Hickory, Wilmington and Carolina Beach you can find a local wine, food and music festival that will perfect your NC vacation. The most popular time of year for these festivals are the Fall and Summer months, but they are also scheduled during holiday months as well. Imagine sipping some great wines while watching the annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony! So although, you may not have time to visit all of North Carolina's great wineries, you can taste their wines at these great events. So get out and enjoy! As always, Wine Bar Wineries is here to help you find exciting wine, food and music festivals near you.

For more information about North Carolina Wine & Food Festivals contact the North Carolina Division of Tourism, Film and Sports Development at PO Box 29571, Raleigh, N.C. 27826-0571 Telephone: 919 733-8372.



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